// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // Monograms and Duograms

Along with sweet tea and BBQ, monograms are a hallmark of the South. And what better way to incorporate a personal touch than adding a monogram to a wedding invitation. It is a sweet accent that can be added throughout your invitation suite. The design options are endless. The monogram can stand out from the rest of the text in a different color ink, or offer a subtle touch using the blind embossed technique.

Traditionally, the bride would use her maiden monogram. A woman can use that monogram throughout her life. And since she isn’t married at the time the invitation is issued, using her new monogram wouldn’t be proper. We just can’t help hearing our grandmothers whispering “it isn’t wrong, but we just don’t do it.”

 A duogram is a great option if you want to combine the bride and the groom initials together. A duogram uses the first letter initial from the bride and the first letter initial from the groom. No last initial is used.

You can go modern, traditional, funky, classic, feminine, masculine, any style, when using a monogram or duogram. Include it on your wedding invitation and then carry it through on napkins, programs, thank you stationery and more!