// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // Thermography

We all live in the real world (well, most of the time) and know that every occasion has its own needs. That’s true for invitations as well. Sometimes you send a text, sometimes you want a playful invitation, and other times you want a little more formality. And that same real world also comes with real budgets. Thermography is a budget-friendly alternative to engraving.

Thermography produces raised ink that gives a more formal feel than flat printing. The process is not as time-consuming as engraving, allowing for the costs to come down. The invitation is printed with ink, and then a special compound is sprinkled on the invitation and heated. The powder adheres to the ink once heated, creating the raised texture. There is no bruising on the back.

Certain papers are not suitable for thermography, and there are some visual differences between the inks, but it still stands as a very popular method for printing wedding invitations.

It is very important for all of the bridal consultants at If It’s Paper to understand and respect the budget of every bride and groom. We pride ourselves in finding beautiful invitations for every event!