// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // Digital Printing

One of the biggest trends we have seen this year in the bridal industry is the use of watercolor images. Colorful flowers, whimsical brush strokes, captivating sunsets. All of these images do best when printed using a digital flat print. One of the biggest advantages of using a flat print is the ability to use multiple colors, and various shades within one color family. It is not possible to get that variety using engraving, thermography, or letterpress.

Another advantage of digital printing is the cost. It is typically less expensive than other print processes. The timeline to produce a flat printed invitation is also usually shorter. Thicker papers are usually not a great option for flat print, but we have a wide selection of card stock, felted and deckled edge papers to use.

Our in-house graphic design team has been bursting with beautiful designs for invitations. Whether for bridal showers and brunches, rehearsal dinners and welcome parties, or programs and place cards, the options are limitless!