// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // The Revival of Letterpress

In recent years, the art of letterpress has been revived. And we couldn’t be happier!

In fact, you can often walk into one of our stores and find us swooning over a letterpressed piece of stationery or invitation. The words “to have and to hold” may refer to wedding vows, but can’t it apply to beautiful paper as well? Because we have some serious letterpress love!

So what’s all the fuss about? A letterpress invitation entices multiple senses. You see it and you feel it. The process starts when the design is copied onto a polymer plate. Negative space is carved away and the plate is fed into the printing press. The ink is mixed and spread on the roller. Many designers use printing presses that are hundreds of years old. Each invitation is individually pressed into the plate. Originally, only enough pressure was applied so that the plate kissed the top of the paper leaving virtually no indentation. Today’s brides often want more pressure applied so that the texture of the paper is emphasized.

Either way, the result is beautiful. Below are some examples of letterpress invitations from our partners at Bella Figura. Feel free to swoon!


And if you're really captivated, you can watch this video that Bella Figura created to take you through the entire process.