// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // It's all about the foil


Shiny gold, brushed gold, matte gold, rose gold. Copper. Once reserved for limited edition book covers, or those who could afford gold leaf, Foil-Pressing is now a more widely available print method. Embraced by many brides, adding foil to your wedding invitations is a sure way to make your invitations stand out. It is a bolder choice than traditional engraving, and offers flashier colors than letterpress, but the process is actually quite similar.


To add foil to an invitation, a metal die is created. But instead of the ink being applied directly to the die (as in engraving), the metal plate is heated. Thin sheets of foil are then pressed onto the paper by the hot plate. Because of the large amount of pressure applied, the foil adheres to the paper leaving a crisp, shiny image. A second plate, and second run of the press, is used for each additional color.


An opaque material, foil is applied on top of the paper. So it is a great choice when using darker colored stock. The color of the paper does not affect the crispness or hue, so it is always consistent. The shiny result lands a big visual impact.

IMG_1924 2.JPG

Foil can be used in combination with letterpress and engraving, but is not a great option to combine with thermography (since both processes involve heat). And once limited to traditional metallics, now virtually the entire rainbow is available in all its shiny glory.