// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // Envelope Liners


A lined envelope makes your wedding invitation fully dressed; it’s that final accessory that ties everything together. The pop of color with your little black dress. Wearing your grandmother’s pearl earrings with your Sunday best.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to envelope linings. Something subtle, like an opal shimmer paper or classic gold tissue, works really well with a classic, formal invitation. But you can also make a bolder statement with a beautiful floral or a graphic foil pattern. Custom liners featuring a monogram, or even the map of your location, are wonderfully personal touches. But sometimes the only thing you need is a solid paper liner. There are literally hundreds of options.


In a traditional, double envelope wedding invitation suite, the inner envelope is the envelope that is lined. Those envelopes are not gummed. The recipient can easily slide the invitation out of the envelope flap and the liner presents the rest of the invitation to you. If you are using single envelopes (only outer gummed envelopes) you  can still line them. A tip from the experts- when sealing the envelope, only moisten the top of the “V” so that the envelope easily pops open and you can see the lining.


And liners are not reserved for wedding invitations only. Think Save the Dates, bridal showers or other celebrations. Adding different liners to your stationery suite is a great way to change the personality of your monogram. Pairing a traditional three-letter monogram with gold tissue on one set of cards and a funky green geometric pattern on the other, is a great way to re-use your same engraving plates. The result is two sets of stationery with very different personalities.


Because after all, the most important element of any invitation, is that it does reflect your personality!