// WEDDING WEDNESDAY // Cups and Koozies

Maybe it’s the heat, but an ice cold drink sounds really good right about now! We decided to collect some of our favorite photos of cups and koozies to give you a little inspiration of how to inject some fun into your wedding festivities. 


Go old school with a traditional foam koozie. Margaret Cheatham and Frank celebrated their engagement in Linville, NC with this coordinating set. 


Stewart and William had different frosted cups for different events throughout their wedding weekend. The same sage green color was used on both designs.


Koozies are a great way to add a little color to your reception. We created this custom illustration of the wedding venue for Kasey and Grover. They had the koozies printed in two different colors- one for the guys and one for the girls!


Or keep things neutral like Rawlings and Tommy. 


Incorporate your wedding duogram, add a hashtag, or favorite motif. But most importantly, have fun! By the time the reception rolls around, you will be ready for that first sip!