// PAPER LOVE // National Letterpress Day!

It’s National Letterpress Day! You may not have had your calendars marked, but around here, we are pretty excited! We still get giddy when a new letterpress order arrives and we get to run our fingers over the stock. 

So why, you ask, is September 18th (or 9/18) appropriately deemed Letterpress Day? The standard height used for letterpress type pieces is .918 inches, or in the printing world, type high. Each type piece has to be the same exact measurement to ensure that the finished product is even. It is a process that has been around for centuries. In fact, some of our favorite printers use presses that are hundreds of years old.

And that finished product is oh so beautiful. The deep impression on the paper makes your invitation appeal to multiple senses. Stop by one of our stores to run your fingers over our samples and swoon with us!


You can learn more about letterpress from Bella Figura and their parent company, Boxcar Press.